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The God Block

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

“I’ll admit it.

Even in front of my parents and your parents and your church preacher. I don’t believe in God.

At least, not exactly.

As a recovering Catholic (that’s a Catholic’s inside joke) I don’t take this decision lightly. I know it matters. And I know I have no doubt about one thing.

Faith is blind. Blind faith. It’s all the same. It means we all have to believe in ‘something’ or we have no faith. And without faith, how can we believe in hope? And without hope, how can we make it through another day?

So, what do I believe that helps me everyday put one foot in front of the other?

I believe in love. I know, it sounds like a Beatles song. It sounds cliche’, trite, sing-songish. That’s okay. I’m good with that.

I don’t like the idea that a MAN (yes, God is masculine) is puppeteering my life from on high. I think it seems nonsensical. And patriarchal. And somewhat ominous.

I’m not ‘blocked’ about this. I’m clear as a bell on it. So, if it’s okay with you, I’m much more comfortable believing that love, indeed, does conquer all. There is no patriarchy in love. There is no competition. There is nothing nebulous or starry eyed about it. It’s a verb. It means that I actively look for, in all things, the love. It means I live my life in love, with love, for love, of love, and ultimately, because of love.

Is that easy? Nope, not always.

Is it uncomplicated? Yes.

Think of it. And remember what they told us when we were little in Sunday school or mass or services. “God is love”.

So there. I’ve said it. I don’t like to use the word, heavy in its dogmatic tones – God.

Rather, I like to use love, in all its simple splendor.


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